Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pulling Brick Tank Search Result Ratings Out of the Toilet

Warning: This is a meta-post. It's about the blog itself, not about the art of the tank. Feel free to ignore, or read on for some toilet humor.

I decided to flush my old URL down the toilet, and give the blog a renovation, and while this has been good for morale here at Brick Tank central, my search result ratings have been in the toilet since said flushing.

I'd rather be flush with readers, and need good search engine placement for that.

It seems that bricks and tanks often have something to do with toilet flushing, plumbing, and cost savings, so I thought I'd make a post incorporating all of those words to speed up the process of namespace convergence in Page Rank. I also did a little tweaking to the base templates and especially the header widget. This maintenance should put the lid on the problem and get more flow into the brick tank blog.

Basically, some of the site's internal links were plugged up, and I'd rather have an overflow of visitors from search results, so had to do some site template plumbing. Now I can get back to plumbing for blue posts related to tanking.

Thank you (seriously) for putting up with this inane namespace poisoning post and with my renovation, in general. I won't do it again--I promise.