Friday, January 29, 2010

A Bear's First Glyph

I chose the Glyph of Maul, doing myself the disastrous disservice to put it off until L14.  What a difference a glyph makes.

Aside from being able to get more mileage out of your Light, Sweet, Rage for the damage meters, it also keeps your corpse off the turf.  If I could do it all over again, I'd have had this precious addition to my arsenal on standby when I hit L10, no question asked.

On other notes, without any form of instant root or means of slowing down fleeing opponents, I've been using Moonfire as a finishing stroke if I'm low on rage.  But if it doesn't stop the fleeing mob from bringing back help, it's probably effort--and especially mana--wasted.  In that case it might be best to double down, self-cast Healing Touch and grit your teeth for the adds.

Form-flow gets expensive until we rank in Natural Shapeshifter, but it's definitely my style of play so I cut corners on mana where I can for now.  While Moonfire has an attractive element of instant gratification, it chews through mana like porcupines through the outhouse wall.

When I get the 5th rank of Furor I'll write a bit about powershifting.  For the next couple of levels its still just statistically likely to be useful so I don't risk wasting mana on it.

Two more levels and I'm going to hit pause and run some instances for a few nights.  I hope everyone has a great tanking weekend!

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