Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3.1 Changes - Grin and Bear It

I've gone around the block a couple times with my reaction to the upcoming changes to feral tanking in 3.1. At the end of the day, we need to accept that change is coming, play to the top of our ability, and make sure to communicate clearly how the changes have affected the quality of our experience.

Since switching to playing a Druid from my warrior, I've noticed an immediate and overall improvement in the quality of my experience in the game, so I am not going to abandon the class because of continued tinkering on the part of the devs.

Best to respond like a tank would. Grin and bear it. Take the punishment, then respond accordingly.


  1. Indeed.

    The most pressing question for bear tanks everywhere right now is "what will my gear look like in 3.1?!?!?" And so far no one has stepped up to answer that.

    The item weight scale that was posted at EJ by Ghostcrowler basically generated the exact same best-in-slot gear that we have right now.... so I'm not convinced it its accuracy.

    Unfortuantely last I checked SD was still buggy on the PTR. Maybe this recent patch fixed it up.

  2. I've actually intuitively started going back towards expecting bear best in slot to be precisely what I've been running with atm. Agi > stam > expertise/hit > crit/ap. At most I expect to see some movement in trinkets, but what would beat Greatness? And the armor trinkets just got "better" since you're further away from the armor cap.

    Simply put, SD is not worth gearing for because the percentages are so small.