Saturday, March 14, 2009

Leatherbelly Tank Techniques, Vol 1: AoE Power Pulling

Today I wrapped up production on my first Feral tanking techniques demo video. I'm working on a series of these videos, which I call "Etaiu's Leatherbelly Tank Techniques". Volume 1 introduces AoE Power Pulling.



  1. Bomb and rockets are engineers only right? Any other way to use a rocket?

    I have an engineer 442 (at lvl 70). I wonder what engineering brings to the table vs other professions. Every non-gathering profession lets you make things that boost your gear with the equivalent of 64 AP (if you calculate it towards AP). BS gives you 2 sockets which you can use to socket 2 32 AP gems. rings can be enchanted by 32 AP, bracres by LW vs bracer enchants bring 64 AP and Inschription shoulders vs SoH shoulders brings also 64 AP.

    Engineering only gives you a craftable helmet early in the game? Or more?

  2. Engineering also gives craftable trinkets with big +stamina (the Sonic Booster and the Noise Machine).

    The rocket takes up the enchantment slot on you hands, does about double the threat of say, a Starfire pull. It probably does less overall threat than a Wrath+Moonfire pull, though that doesn't provide all the threat up front. Of course, it doesn't require you to leave bear form.

    While the Saronite bomb is probably the best AoE threat pull, for non-engineers the Hurricane pull works too, and follows the same concept.

  3. Addendum:
    EZ-throw Dynamite II and Crystal Charge are other alternatives for non-engineers. I think (if the mobs are all in the small radius), Crystal Charge might be a bit more threat than a single tick of Hurricane thanks to the threat multiplier.

    Hurricane can still be useful for engineers, since the radius is greater than that of the Saronite bomb.

  4. Excellent feedback, Gregory! I really appreciate the feedback and hope the video tutorials were helpful. I have more planned, as well, but need much more practice on some of the basics first.


  5. The thing about aoe pulling is that it has very little practical use. If you don't care about agroing a large group you could also charge in and swipe. It has only value for positional things, to be out of the way of patrols. But you can do that running back too.

    PS, if I am correct, an explosion will also pull some mobs outside the explosion's range. So not all mobs have threat on them. Still watch out of healer overagro. For instance watch the mob to the left in the last aoe pull in your movie. I think he has no damage yet. So that is the same as a bodypull.