Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cutting My Losses on L29 Weaponry

There is a good, clear successor to Rhahk-Zor's Hammer from the Deadmines, and that's Slaghammer from Razorfen Kraul.

But it's dropped by trash mobs.

RFK is a long instance, and one where your party members are likely to be either impatient lolret geezers in heirloom gear, or noobly huntards lost in an epic fog of auto attacks and overeager pets, oblivious to the scary blue bar next to their portrait.  Neither breed will help you clear the gutters of Razorfen at the end, looking for that awe inspiring trash-drop of lore.

Therefore, if you get the Plains Ring or Slaghammer from a dungeon finder pick-up group, consider yourself the official target of my ursine envy.

It seems that the 20s really have it in for a Bear's self image, pushing us relentlessly toward the feline angels of our nature.  Resist it, I say.  Ignore the laughable absence of a clear blue leg-armor tanking successor to your tattered Smelting Pants, put the drool-inducing Slaghammer out of your feral minds, and take your tank points where you can get them.

There are worse fates than to wear the Barbaric Leggings and the Acrobatic Staff of Stamina. We'll make it up in the Scarlet Monastery.




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