Friday, March 5, 2010

More thoughts on threat scaling and the threat game

Speaking purely from a game-play perspective here, and explicitly trying to stay away from the game design process, I think that one of the game play elements that directly contributes to the difficulty of managing threat during AE pulls has to do with the User Interface. It is presently difficult to see how much threat, or what proportion of overall threat, we have over groups of multiple mobs.

I'm speaking here from the perspective of a Bear Tank and also from that of a former Fury Warrior. DPS can do certain things with macros to reduce the likelihood that they'll pull from a tank, but some classes don't have threat wiping skills, and it can be difficult to see which of the 8 mobs you might be attacking at a given moment is about to switch their aggro.

Perhaps a built-in threat bar on nameplates similar to the one provided by Aloft would help in cooperative play.

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