Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm going to start a new category called "Experience" which is a euphamism for "my personal screw-ups". Articles tagged "Experience" probably will have stories of how I made a big bear blunder.

Two nights ago I entered a Shadowfang Keep instance through the dungeon finder interface.  As soon as I got into the instance I was disappointed to see that they were already pulling trash and I needed to buff up, figure out who the healer was, etc.  Someone was poisoned and asked me to Cure Poison for them.

I had not been in the instance long enough to change form, I signed on as the tank, not the healer.  Pulls were coming in, and then, to make matters worse, I accidentally backed out of the instance portal.

It brought me back to Astranaar, where I'd just been.  There was no portal to get back, and I could see the members of the party talking, not quite realizing that I'd accidentally exited the instance.  I frantically cast my eyes around the user interface, trying to find the button that would bring me back in to help.  But I couldn't find it.

And I didn't even have cure poison trained yet.  Didn't do the quest line for it.  (since corrected)

I dropped out of the group, and hid under the lake so nobody could see my deserter flag.  Lesson learned.


  1. Haha, awesome blunder! Loving this series, reminds me of my younger drood leveling days!

    My girlfriend is leveling an alt druid (around level 50 now) and I have to admit hoping on that toon and tanking brings back awesome memories.

    Not to drag on, but I also have an epic picture of my druid around the level 55 mark that makes me all warm and fuzzy when I look at it.

    Keep up the good work..

  2. Thanks! I ran the Deadmines with a Dungeon Finder crew last night for the achievement. Aside from some bad pulls later in the instance and an unfortunate priestess who was needlessly conned into healing by her beau when she would rather have been DPS, it was a pretty smooth run. After she got tired and left we pulled in a solid disc priest named Heavyhealz from my Bloodhoof server. I'll probably burn through the remaining low level instances over the weekend and then turn experience back on for a few levels and get to the next bracket of instances. But I'm really thoroughly enjoying doing these dungeons at their intended character level.