Thursday, February 11, 2010

Form Flow for Feral Tanks

I want to have a way to preserve the "spirit of the bear" for a brief time while assuming other forms.

I envision this as a cooldown deep in the feral tree that would give me 3/6/9 seconds in which the tanking bonuses that accrue from my being in bear form will remain even though I switch briefly to caster, cat, travel, aquatic, flight form. I would not be able to cast any new spells that required Bear or Dire Bear form, but I would be able to keep the tanking bonuses conferred from talents such as Survival of the Fittest, Heart of the Wild, and Natural Reaction

I also want more advanced talents to further smooth the mana cost of shifting between cat and bear form. The 30% bonus conferred from Natural Shapeshifter is nice, but why are shapeshifting talents in the Resto Tree?

This could usher in a new style of "form flow" play that would let Bears use more of the skills from their other forms for brief periods of time without risking a full-on wipe. A good example of this would be Innervating a healer, or casting Rebirth on a dealer that "took too much", or

Target next target
Cat Form
Feral Charge - Cat [10 energy]
Mangle (Cat) [45 energy]
Rake [40 energy]
Savage Roar [Instant Finish]
Bear Form [10 Rage from Furor]
Maul [Bonuses from Mangle (Cat), Savage Roar carry over]

We could also have similar talents that let us briefly build mana from damage dealt instead of rage. This would allow us to refuel our mana pool while dealing/tanking.

The essence of the "form flow" style of play would be for the player to blur the lines between rage, mana and energy, and to flow between the various forms as the needs of these resources dictates. It would lead to a highly dynamic play style and let us bring more of the full spectrum of our abilities to bear (no pun intended) during combat.


  1. Savage Roar doesnt work in bear form, the reason why there are some feral talents in the resto tree are imho:

    1. Make it so that there is a shortage in talent points,
    2. Mana reducing talents on shifting are more for PvP
    3. Clearcasting is interesting for all specs.

    BTW I really do not understand why you arent going into the feral tree first, here are the dodge/armor/threat things that you want.

    Furor is not needed now that Enrage gives instant Rage.

    Is what I would go for, you are a tank, you want threat and mitigation, you dont care about mana!

    And BattleRes/Innerv are rate things which you will allways have enough mana for.

  2. @Karel: Thanks for your comments. Not sure I made my point clear enough, I'm thinking about what changes will be coming in Cataclysm. I know major overhauls of all the talent trees are in order, and I'd really like to see a feral playstyle that involves very frequent shifting between bear and cat. It could be useful for both PvP and leveling, for example. Thanks again for the comments.

  3. "We could also have similar talents that let us briefly build mana from damage dealt instead of rage. This would allow us to refuel our mana pool while dealing/tanking."

    Improved Leader of the Pack.


  4. @Mak: Seriously, Mak. Glad you're back in the world. Looking forward to that ImpLotP.